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[Interview] Building With Apathy & Celph Titled

[Interview] Building With Apathy & Celph Titled

In this exclusive interview, Hip-Hop Authority broke bread with Celph Titled and Apathy, and discussed their upcoming Demigodz album and got the breaking news on their new duo album. 

HHA: What are you guys working on right now?

Apathy:  We’re working on the album – a brand new Ap and Celph album.  It’s called Maintain Radio Silence, tentatively titled. 

Celph Titled: We got Demigodz’ Killmatic album finished –coming out this year, definitely; probably right?

Apathy: We got a gang of shit in the works, so we always work on multiple, multiple things but we don’t announce things until we’re absolutely positive and definite that they’re coming out.  So, the Demigodz album is definitely coming this year, and we’re working on the Apathy and Celph, which should be early-2013. 

HHA: Now, is the Demigodz project just the two of you primarily, or is it going to be the same crew as usual?

Celph Titled:  It’s the whole crew.  Me and him are always in the forefront, and we kind of present it, you know what I mean? So we’re like on every song you know, but it’s got everybody on it.

Apathy: All six rapper members.

Celph Titled: Which is: Apathy, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Motive, Blacastan.

Apathy: Yep, that’s it.

HHA: And production on that?

Apathy: production is a whole – I mean I do a lot of it, and then there’s also Teddy Rockspin does a few beats; Snowgoons, Marco Polo, DJ Premier.  Who am I forgetting?  Who did the gospel?

Celph Titled: Skematics

Apathy: I know I’m going to forget somebody later.

HHA: And on the next project you guys are going to work on with the Man Bites Dog gentlemen?

Apathy: Yeah, but we’re going to do this through a whole new label.  We have a whole new venture, a whole new business venture that we’re about to iron out and work out.  It’s going to fuck shit up incredible.  But we’re not announcing it yet; we’re going over the details of it.  So it’s going to be a big deal.

HHA: In terms of that project (Maintain Radio Silence), do you guys already have production planned out, and beats and stuff like that?

Apathy:  We’re ironing all that out now, but we work pretty fast – well, here’s the thing: we work slow and we work fast.  Sometimes we purposely take our time, and sometimes we’ll spend three to two years on a particular album.  Sometimes we’ll spend a particular time on an album, and then on other projects we can bang them out right away efficient wise.  It just depends on what we’re doing.

Celph Titled: We change our plans a lot.  Like originally we were going to focus on his next solo and my next solo, but we decided to come together and do an album together that would be stronger, you know what I’m saying?  People always get a solo from us but, you know, I think they want to hear us together –it’s more powerful.

HHA: I would say that I think Honkey Kong and your two most recent projects (Nineteen Ninety Now & Nineteen Ninety More) are probably your strongest projects.

Celph Titled:  Yeah, I agree, definitely. 

HHA: They show a lot of growth in songwriting, so I guess you guys are teaming up at a perfect time for another release.

Apathy:  I mean, I joke around, I say I’m fucked after I do Honkey Kong because where do I go from there?  How do I top that?

HHA: Did you have any tracks that personally really stood out to you on that album as favorites?

Apathy: Oh yeah, it’s hard to say because it’s just such an honor working with dudes who I idolized as gods and legends to me growing up like Mad Lion, and of course, DJ Premier.  That’s the biggest point of my career, working with Preem.  It’s a dream come true working with these guys and making songs that sound organic and authentic – not just bullshit, random, whatever songs.  It was cool doing a joint with Xzibit, and it came out that way.

HHA: That’s my favorite song on the album.

Apathy: Oh yeah?  Good looks. 

Celph Titled:  I mean we really craft ours; you can tell when you listen to our music it’s really crafted carefully.  I’m all for productivity, I’m all for people that bang out an album in a week, but you can kind of tell the difference -you know what I’m saying?- when somebody does an album in a week versus a couple of years.  There’s a big difference, and I think what’s kept us around as long is quality.

Apathy:  Quality control, cus a lot of our peers, you know – either people we’re down with or not down with – feel the crunch of certain shit and they want to shit out an album real quick.  No offense to anybody, but I just feel that does more damage; I don’t feel comfortable doing it like that.  I’d rather take my time.

Celph Titled:  Your fans are all you’ve got so don’t disappoint them.

HHA:  Are you guys going to have touring plans after either of these releases come out stateside?

Apathy:  Yeah.  Uhh, I don’t know about stateside yet.

HHA: The problem is there are no state tours anymore.  I’m always like, “Ahh, hip-hop fan dying here!”

Apathy: Yeah, the fucked-up part is that the promoters are the one who fuck over – these dudes are scared to book people, and book tours, and get things popping in the States.  We can get tours all of the world, in the most obscure, strange parts of the planet, but then to try to get a United States tour for us is like rocket science.  It’s a migraine to try to do it, so that fucks up the fans, and it sucks for the fans that it’s not as easy for us.

Celph Titled:  But we’re definitely going to do one this year – I’m sure we’ll make one happen – and if we do we’ll do it ourselves.   We don’t want to have to rely on the promoters.  We’ll just go to each city and do it; book out the venue ourselves and get the job done.  We’ve got a tour in July in Canada, and we’re trying to get one situated throughout Europe for November. 

HHA:  Any guests on the albums that you guys are doing?

Apathy: Demigodz album, we got limited guests but they’re all important people who are down with us like Termanology is on a joint; we got Planetary from Outerspace.

Celph Titled:  R.A. The Rugged Man

Apathy:  Panchi from NYGz.  We try to keep guest appearances low

Celph Titled:  Because it’s already a posse

HHA:  Because there’s already six people, yeah. 

Apathy:  Exactly  



  1. Great interview

  2. When is Celph’s second solo album coming out? (Fresh Prince of Hell’s Lair)


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